The World's 1st NFT Marketplace with dynamic pricing protocol

Stripto is the World's first uniquely designed, revolutionary NFT Marketplace, that integrates a dynamic pricing protocol empowered by the STRIP token. Stripto could entirely revolutionize the traditional mechanism of buying and selling NFT products.
Token Contract (BEP-20): 0xa1AC3b22b102CaA62c9ecAf418585528855B0DdD


Let's change the way we buy NFTs

About Stripto

Stripto is the World's first uniquely designed, revolutionary NFT marketplace, that integrates a dynamic pricing protocol. It currently supports Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

'Strip the price' is a dynamic pricing protocol (US patent pending) developed by the Stripto team which has the potential to disrupt the conventional (we would call it 'boring') way of buying/selling NFT products.

STRIP, a native token, offers an exclusive opportunity to buy NFT products at the guaranteed lowest price. This really works, no gimmicks here!


    No Gimmicks

    Real use case

    Stripto's dynamic pricing protocol is powered by STRIP token.

    By spending STRIP token(s) the user gets exclusive power to unveil the hidden price (the guaranteed lowest price) of the NFT product for 15 sec.
    An equal $value of STRIP token(s) spent to unlock the hidden price, gets deducted from the listing price, hence the price drops.
    Strip Powers are exclusively included with each STRIP token, thereby creating the demand for the token in the market, and hence the price of STRIP token gets appreciated. #UpOnly

    No fancy words. No Gimmicks. Real Utility Token.

    Something's Brewing

    Stripto Ecosystem

    NFT Marketplace
    Integrated with “Strip the Price” protocol exclusively powered by STRIP token.
    NFT Launchpad
    Artists/projects can raise funds by offering NFT products exclusively paired with STRIP.
    LIP integration
    Liquidity Import Protocol (LIP) can import liquidity from other marketplaces (supported by ETH and BSC network).
    The Striptoverse will have 3D virtual galley and exciting activities for users.

    Utility Token

    STRIP | Use Cases

    Strip Powers

    Strip Powers are exclusively included with the STRIP token. Since the dynamic pricing protocol is powered by STRIP token, it has a real use case in the NFT space and will create demand for the token in the market.

    Minting, Staking, and Farming

    STRIP collectors can mint exclusive NFTs from the genesis collection and re-sell them in the secondary market. Moreover, users can stake STRIP token and/or NFTs on the Stripto platform to earn passive income.

    Creative Launchpad

    Stripto will offer an innovative launchpad called StriptoPad for NFT-OGs (projects/artists). Moreover, we are building a platform that will also allow developing/budding artists to grow. The StriptoPad will enable artists and projects to launch their NFT products and sell them on the secondary market by leveraging Stripto's dynamic pricing protocol.

    Striptoverse Rewards

    Enter the StriptoVerse with uniquely designed strip-NFTs. Our Striptoverse will offer uniquely designed NFTs from the genesis collection and let users dive into the Metaverse. Some lucky Users may win exciting prizes, and some may even get rare NFTs. StriptoVerse will have arranged activities, including 'Mega StriptoStar' contests offering rewards to users buying NFT(s) at the lowest price (receiving a maximum %discount) across the marketplace.


    Token Sale

    Token Symbol :

    1 (4)
    • Token name:Stripto
    • Ticker Symbol: $STRIP (BEP-20)
    • Circulating Supply: 32.6%

    $STRIP token has been listed on Pancakeswap (DEX) and Bitrue (CEX).




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